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All material here is copyrighted.

The programs / engines (downloads) on my webpage themselves are under copyright (German: "Urheberrecht") for the benefit of their program authors.

It is forbidden to use the material or contributions offered here, except for private use, without written permission by myself or respective authors. Commercial advertisement, distribution for profit, and distribution through commercial companies is generally prohibited.

However, in the spirit of the chess community, we do grant users of the software the right to share it freely with their comrades / collegues, with the exception that this is not done for commercial benefits. The software, distributed in this way, may represent work in progress, and bears no warranty, Neither expressed nor implied.

WBEC Ridderkerk:
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Regional Court:

The regional court of Hamburg ruled on May 12, 1998, that web site editors are obligated to answer for the contents of linked pages.  The only way to avoid responsibility, ruled the court, was to dissociate expressly from the contents of the linked pages.  We have different linked pages on the WBEC Ridderkerk site and we have to state clearly that:

We did not have any influence on the organization and contents of the linked pages.  Herewith we dissociate expressly from all contents of all linked pages on the WBEC Ridderkerk pages.  This clarification applies to all links on my webpage. We hope that this text will secure the WBEC Ridderkerk pages and that it will become even more popular.